SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Gas prices are now at a record high. It’s going to affect industries across the board, including your grocery list.

Springfield shoppers are feeling the effects of another record average price of gas.

“Well, it should be at least a third lower than what it is. You know, I mean, it’s inflated crazy. And then this is unbelievable,” said one shopper.

Gas buddy reported the new record average is four dollars and thirty-six cents a gallon.

Diesel is no exception, experts say the average price per gallon is now up to five dollars and fifty-three cents.

Rodney Harrell says the increased costs will affect more industries than just trucking.

“It affects everybody because if you’ve got it, a truck brought it, it doesn’t matter if it’s a cracker or candy or whatever. Everything goes by truck. At one point,” said Harrell.

We caught up to some other shoppers, including George Dickey who says he’s seeing higher prices on grocery shelves.

“I think some prices have gone up on certain things meats, vegetables, bread, even canned goods.”

Susan Hart says she believes these prices won’t go down anytime soon.

“I think truly I think until the supply chain issues get resolved and I think that’s going to be a while, I really do.”

Dave Plemmons, a manager at a Price Cutter in Springfield, says the store is making adjustments to these rising costs.

“We’re doing the best we can, of course, you know, ordering things in, trying to get as many things as we can get. It’s always been a little bit of a challenge since covid began, but now we’re starting to see a little better stock levels and better supplies coming through.”

Plemmons says at the price of basic items like a gallon of milk has gone up close to 40% in the past couple of years.