SPRINGFIELD — Two of the most popular shows on television have been cancelled, as “Cops” and “Live PD” will no longer be in production.

After being on the air for over three decades, “Cops” not renew for a 33rd season after the decision by Paramount to stop production. The show aired on Spike TV.
A&E Network, which has aired “Live PD” for the last 4 years, will also stop producing that show.

With protests calling for police reform in the wake of George Floyd’s death, some civil rights groups like Color of Change called for the show to be removed claiming it glorified police.

Live PD host Host Dan Abrams shared his feelings with CNN on the decision.

“I’m disappointed, frustrated. I fought very hard to keep the show on the air. I thought it was a way to have a national discussion on the show about policing,” Abrams said.  

Circumstances surrounding the 2019 death of Javier Ambler played a large part in recent controversy surrounding Live PD.

Ambler died after being in the custody of Williamson County deputies in Austin, Texas. Live PD got the incident on video, but later destroyed the video after deputies declared the investigation complete per A&E policy, this according to Abrams.

Although that case had nothing to do with the Ozarks, many are aware that Greene County used to be featured on the show. Former Greene County Deputy James Craigmyle was someone who made several appearances on the show.

He shared his thoughts on what the public might be missing out on now that the show is cancelled.

“I think you’re going to be missing part of the transparency there. This was live. This wasn’t something that was recorded on a body cam, or on a dash cam. This was actually live footage that was broadcasted worldwide. That’s something that is going to be missing out now is the transparency that was broadcasted live to everybody,” Craigmyle says.

He says part of that transparency was to see the human side of deputies.

“Being able to understand how we work, and to see the compassionate and caring side of us, and the desire to want to help people,” says Craigmyle.

The Greene County Sheriff’s office declined to comment Thursday on Live PD being removed from air.