CROSS TIMBERS, Mo. — Missouri’s Auditor gave Cross Timbers, Missouri in Hickory County a “poor” rating after an audit showed a former employee did not deposit tens of thousands of dollars in payments, overpaid herself, and adjusted her own utility bill.

The Hickory County Prosecutor’s Office and the Missouri State Highway Patrol are investigating to see if criminal charges should be filed.

People who live in Cross Timbers asked for the audit.

According to the office of Missouri Auditor Nicole Galloway, the former City Clerk of Cross Timbers worked for the city between 2017 and 2020. She split her time between acting as clerk and performing maintenance on sewer and utility systems.

The audit found at least $44,452 was misappropriated during that time.

The audit accuses the clerk of:

  • Misusing $21,474 in payments to the city
  • Adjusting her own utility account
  • Paying herself for hours she did not work. These payments added up to more than $6,000, according to investigators
  • Improperly recording payments

The audit of Cross Timbers also showed a former Alderman received free utility services for four years.

Auditors said the city’s board needs to develop a plan to monitor financial data and budgets.