BRANSON, Mo. — A first responder won a free roof through the Taney County 100 Club on Tuesday, April 19. This giveaway all started with the Branson Roof Company wanting to do some good for someone.

“So we started with this idea of wanting to help someone in the community with a roof,” said Daniel Koren, with the Branson Roof Company. “To give away and give back to somebody in the community.”

Koren said he talked with a friend who got him in contact with different people in the Taney County 100 Club, which is a club dedicated to supporting injured first responders or the families of fallen first responders in the community.

“I’m excited about them (100 Club) because what they do is they have donors give $100 a year to their fund,” said Koren. “If somebody falls in the line of duty they are able to help out that family within 24 hours.”

The Branson Roof Company sought out applications from February 1st to March 31st. Fifteen first responders were nominated from seven different agencies, but John Fox, a Taney County Ambulance employee, was chosen as the winner.

“We were needing it bad,” said Fox. “We were going to have to get a new roof this summer anyway.  If we hadn’t won it, we were going to have to start getting estimates, seeing what it would cost, and it was just a blessing when we got the call.”

Fox’s home also got new gutters from JCH Gutters. Jordan Hunderberg, with JCH Gutters, said it’s standard practice to replace the gutters when the roof is being replaced and this is a good way to help someone in need.

“It’s very important to help your community, especially with people that help us as individuals,” said Hunderberg. “If somebody’s hurt, he’s one of the first guys on the team to get there and respond.  I think that’s pretty important to me.”

Koren invited Kyle Carder, with Tamko Building Products, out from Joplin to help with building supplies for the free roof. Carder said Tamko regularly gives back to first responders in the Joplin area.

“They deal with negative situations all day, so, being able to help them out and recognize them for all the good things they do as far as keeping the greater community safe is something that we love to do,” said Carder.

Fox said he is incredibly thankful for all the people who came out to put a new roof on his house.

“The love here shows a little bit of hope,” said Fox. “Shows there are people out there that care, that care of what we do and backs us up.  And it’s just quite the blessing that this has happened for us, and that we won this.”