SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Springfield fire crews said a fire broke out at the Walnut Manor Apartments on East Walnut Street around 4 p.m. on Wednesday.

A total of 8 fire trucks were on the scene and the building was emitting large amounts of smoke.

The Republic Fire Chief confirmed that the Springfield Fire Department requested help from surrounding fire departments and the Republic Fire Department, The Battlefield Fire Protection District, and the Logan-Rogersville Fire Department helped to control the fire.

Assistant Fire Chief with the Springfield Fire Department Kevin Trogdon says the building is most likely a total loss due to the amount of water and fire damage, specifically on the 3rd floor.

Fire officials said no injuries were reported, and crews said they saw heavy fire and smoke immediately coming from the older, three-story house.

Assist. Fire Chief, Kevin Trogdon, said they made sure nobody was inside the building.

“We tried to make a good effort to extinguish the fire, unfortunately, it was too far advanced, so it managed to breach itself out,” Trogdon said.

Trogdon said they were able to control the fire using aerial streams from the outside.
He said the building is most likely a loss.

“It had significant damage to the third floor and the attic space, as well as a large amount of water that has been placed in the building,” Trogdon said.

He said the main problem with getting out the fire was the size of the building.

“These older structures like this can cause us a lot of problems,” Trogdon said. “A lot of times they are balloon framed construction where a fire can start down low and run up through the sides of the walls because there’s not any fire blocking to stop it. “

Determining where the fire originated, he said, still has to be investigated. Fire officials said a crew would remain on scene overnight.

Officials with the Red Cross said multiple families were impacted by the fire. They said they were working to make sure their immediate needs are taken care of.

The cause of the fire has been determined to be faulty electrical wiring.