SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Students at Evangel University now have two new places to get their basketball fix. The school has opened three new outdoor basketball courts.

Raelin Lakatos, a junior at the university, said this is something the university has needed for a while.

“I remember my freshman year coming in and thinking I wish we had more places to just hang out,” said Lakatos. “So, to see all these different places, outside and inside, come to pass is just so great.”

The university plans to put patio seating near the courts for students to hang out with their friends. According to Evangel, the patio seating should be ready in June but it depends on how fast the groundwork progresses.

Evangel has put more than $2 million into upgrading the underground and crews are currently working on the gas and steam pipes.

In Evangel’s Student Union workers are almost done redesigning the Barracks Coffee Shop. president of Evangel University, Dr. Mike Rakes said all the shop needs is new flooring. Dr. Rakes said donations have helped pay for construction and one week ago he received a $10,000 check from the university’s first graduates.

“It’s that strengthening the student’s experience outside the classroom where they can hang out and be themselves,” said Dr. Rakes.