BRANSON, Mo. — The first out of 48 tiny homes provided by Elevate Branson was completed Wednesday, July 29.

Each tiny home will be 400 square feet with a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

Elevate Branson’s Bryan Stallings says this tiny home community is years in the making and is the best solution for affordable housing in Branson.

“If you’re on the front line making minimum wage, or slightly over minimum wage, you would get trapped in these hotels,” said Stallings. “And we needed to have a solution for that.”

When the organization started serving meals to people who lived in extended-stay motels, it noticed there was nowhere to cook and people were being charged too much for their housing.

“As tiny houses have evolved, and as our organization has grown, we have been able to acquire some land directly next door to us that is debt-free, due to a generous donor,” said Stallings. “And we are now in the process of developing this community.”

Elevate Branson, formerly known as “Jesus was Homeless,” is a non-profit organization in Branson that serves the hungry.