SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — In the middle of everything that’s going on right now, a community, not forgotten.

Dozens of people in Ozark showed their support for a local nursing home this afternoon.

Friends and family aren’t allowed to visit right now.

So instead, people drove up in their cars to say hello!

The nursing home called it an early Easter parade, and it meant a lot to the residents.

“I loved it. It’s so nice getting out here,” said Sue Bryan, a resident at the Baptist Home Ozark, “it just warms your heart, seeing the people come out.”

“It’s great that the community has come together to do this for us,” said Marilyn Williams, another resident at the Baptist Home Ozark.

Decorated cars, kids dressed up, the Ozark community came together all for the residents.

“I thought it was great,” said Peggy Smith, another resident at the Baptist Home Ozark, “wonderful. We should do that more often.”

“It’s a blessing,” said Bryan, “it was wonderful.”

“Couldn’t be any better,” Williams said.

“Easter’s very important for them, this is the baptist home,” explained Amanda Keltner, activities director at the Baptist Home Ozark.

Keltner said the goal is to let the residents know they are not forgotten, “we’re not allowing people into the facility, family members can’t come in. We Facetime all the time with them, but it’s not the same as the physical interaction that you would have with them.”

“It made you feel like you were somebody important,” Williams said, “that you’re not forgotten by the community.”

And the people who are in the parade, are all a part of the Ozark community.

“There’s several of the Ozark soccer team, boys and girls, there’s a couple people from eagle scouts there,” said Keltner, “the Ozark police department, the Ozark fire department.”

Keltner said they needed to make sure the residents are keeping a safe distance during the parade, “we got chairs spread out everywhere for them. We’re not letting them walk through the parade, we’re asking them not to throw anything out of the vehicles like prizes or candy

But it was definitely worth it.

And the residents are having a great time.

“By the way i’m running for president,” said Bryan, “vote for me.”

Smith said, “it gets us in the spirit of Easter and Easter Sunday when we go to church, we’re thinking more about Easter. This gets us in the good spirit today.”

“We really appreciate everybody that had a hand in this,” said Williams.

“I want to tell all the viewers out there, we’re doing fine,” said Bryan, “we have it pretty good, we don’t have to stay in our room.”

Residents said they are looking forward to an Easter celebration this Sunday as well, even if it may not be a traditional church service.