SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – One college in Springfield is making sure grades are the only thing students have to worry about this school year. OzarksFirst checked out the security upgrades being made at Drury University. Jasmine Bailey, Drury’s director of university communications and media relations, showed OzarksFirst around.

“Anything that we can do to help students feel safer and to be safer on campus we’re going to do that,” Bailey said. “There’s a lot of changes coming. A lot of things that we’re doing here on campus to make sure that our students are safe.”

When asked if something happened that made security even more important to Drury, Bailey said there were a couple of robberies on campus last fall.

“So that was definitely one thing that kind of highlighted the need to make sure that we’re doing everything that we can do to make sure that we are safe as a campus and that students feel safe,” Bailey said. “Any efforts that can be made to progress that goal are going to happen.”

Bailey says the campus started making changes in November 2021. This will continue throughout the semester.

Here’s what has happened so far:

  • Old light bulbs around campus and dark areas are being tended to, and so far security has replaced 83 percent of the bulbs. In four to six months all of the new lighting should be installed.
  • Drury has funding now for two more patrol cars.
  • It also has the capacity to hire three, new security officers. Those officers will have access to CPR equipment. Officers who qualify will be able to carry tasers by the end of the spring semester.
  • Students also have a key card to get into campus buildings after hours.

“This place is our student’s home away from home,” Bailey said. “A lot of them, they live here on campus. It’s 100 percent one of the most important priorities of our campus is to make sure that our students are safe here so that they can learn and they can flourish. If students feel unsafe walking to their car after nights, they can call security to walk them to their vehicles. We haven’t had any issues this semester but over the past couple months we haven’t had any issues, knock on wood. We’re going to make every effort to make our campus a place where people feel comfortable and at home and safe.”