AURORA, Mo. – With students back in class, drivers are asked to do their part in keeping them safe. School zone speed limits are being enforced to help prevent accidents from occurring.

In Aurora, a new school zone is now in place on Prospect Street near the high school from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. on school days. 

School officials said it’s critical as many students walk to school.

“Some of them would rather do that, especially on nice days, than get on the bus and travel,” said Superintendent Billy Redus.

Aurora parents said high schoolers don’t have many sidewalks to get them to school.

That’s why, they said, it’s important new speed limits are enforced. 

“We also have cross country going through there with kids running,” said Jade Duncan, an Aurora parent. 

Aurora and Marionville Police Chief, Wes Coatney, said people speeding near the high school is an issue.

“High speed could be deadly there as you approach the school from either direction,” said Coatney. 

While there haven’t been any recent accidents, Coatney hopes the new school zone will keep it that way.

Officers, he said, will be watching the area closely to crack down on speeders.

“There are people that will disregard those speed limit signs and may force us into a situation where we have to enforce that speed sign,” said Coatney. “Around the time school starts and around the time school ends, we’ll have law enforcement there on Prospect using radar detection, radar speed enforcement.”

Flashing signs will soon be installed. 

In Ash Grove, police are also warning drivers that many school zone speed limits have also been adjusted around town.