SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Though some states are not wearing masks on public transportation… there are some places still under the new CDC guidelines when it comes to masking up for COVID.

Confusion surrounding the latest ruling on masking as the decision to drop the requirement has now fallen on to individual airlines. Those flying into Springfield on Tuesday said enforcement varied from one flight to the next.

“Whenever we got on the flight in Atlanta, the flight attendant made the announcement that if we wanted to, everybody could take their mask off,” said Samatha Francka, a passenger flying into Springfield. “And there was a little bit of like light cheering and applause.”

Travelers may notice outdated signage while going through security. Ken Boyd, the Springfield airport spokesperson, said they’ll be there until TSA is given the okay to remove them.

“I would tell folks who are going to fly this week better pack your patience because you’re going to find some places where the mask mandate has been dropped and you’re going to find other places where it hasn’t,” said Boyd. “There are mixed messages. If you walk in this building right now, you’re likely to hear my voice on the air saying you got to wear one then the local police officer will tell you, you don’t need to wear that.”

The ruling from the CDC marks two years since masking was first required in the sky, but some say they still aren’t ready to break the habit just yet.

“I think I’ll get more comfortable,” said Francka. “I took my mask off whenever I got into the airport, but while I was on the flight, I still wear it because it just I’ve worn them so long now that it felt weird to not have it on.”

In Springfield, Allegiant Airlines has been the only airline to not drop its mask mandate.

The CDC is saying a masking requirement is still necessary for public health, but Americans will still have the option to mask or not while the appeal moves forward.