KANSAS CITY, Mo. — FOX4 has received multiple photos Monday night from viewers about a weird light in the sky.

FOX4 Meteorologist Joe Lauria explains it was a second stage separation of the SpaceX Falcon 9 that launched from Florida Monday evening. The second stage flew over the middle part of the country and separated, which is what many in the metro saw in the sky.

The launch had been delayed after three consecutive bad weather delays.

A launch Sunday was scrubbed caused by a cruise ship that ventured into the launch exclusion zone, forcing the Falcon 9 to stay put on launchpad.

Photo Courtesy: William Troxel

The ship in question was confirmed by the Coast Guard on Monday as Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas, according to sister station WFLA. The head of the port said that this was an isolated incident outside of their control. The Coast Guard is investigating.

The Falcon 9 is to fly in a southeast corridor, nearly paralleling the coast. This is a polar launch that had not been used for decades but was brought back about two years ago, making the exclusion zones more complex.

This Falcon 9 is a commercial mission with an Italian Earth-observation satellite onboard.