SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – 18-year-old cougar Aidan was humanely euthanized today, Thursday, August 25th, due to declining health related to aging, including chronic renal failure.

Life expectancy for cougars in human care is between 18-20 years.

“I can’t speak highly enough about all the work everyone did to treat all of Aidan’s health issues,” said Dickerson Park Zoo veterinarian Dr. Stephanie Zec. “He was diagnosed with chronic renal failure on April 28, 2021, and he lived as long as he did because of the care and attention of his animal care team.”

Aidan arrived at the Dickerson Park Zoo when he was about 3 months old after being confiscated by a Missouri Department of Conservation agent in November of 2004.

“He was an amazing cat and definitely loved by all. We will miss him,” said zookeeper Bethany Gates.