GREENFIELD, Mo.– In Dade County, residents have been happy to see the sun after days of rain and flooding. But in locations like Greenfield, evidence of the flooding still remains.

Dade County is still working on getting back to normal from the torrential downpours.

“I’ve lived in Dade County just almost all my life and I think it’s the most damage I’ve seen in a long time anyway, long time,” presiding commissioner Randy Daniel said.

Daniel said the county has been working since they first started receiving calls Thursday.

“Yesterday morning, early, I think by daylight, we were getting phone calls and trying to run this down,” Daniel said. “We don’t know if there’s going to be any federal money available yet. Seems like we’re one of the hardest counties hit.”

Even the Dade County courthouse saw flooding, but Daniel said the damage wasn’t major.

“No extensive damage, we’ve had this happen before,” Daniel said. “But yeah, it was a mess.”

Outside of Greenfield, Brent Reeser said he lost part of his fence in the flood and had some slow-moving visitors.

“The five years we’ve been here, this is by far the worst week,” Reeser said. “We’ve got about eight inches of rain, but this time it completely wiped this part of the fence out and we woke up to cows in our backyard.”

Daniel said he’s thankful for some farmers in the area that helped out. Workers will continue to repair roads, but it may take some time for conditions to return to normal.

Reeser said he’s looking forward to days of sunshine.

“I’ve had enough (rain) for a while,” Reeser said. “It’s been great for my garden, but I’ve had plenty.”