SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- We are in the heat of the summer. Though we have had some cooler days in the past few weeks, we still face the dangers of leaving kids and pets in hot cars.

“That 30 seconds, it takes for you to walk inside. Bad things, unfortunately, can happen.”

Temperatures inside the cars can reach up to 120 in just 30 minutes. With this, it is important to remember that children and pets should not be left in cars because this can be fatal. 

“I mean, you hear stories about this across the country. And so, it has just taken steps to make sure that does not occur. I have multiple kids and grandkids and I preach to every one of my kids and my grandkids never to do that because it is so dangerous.” 

 LT. Mark Foos said that even though these calls do not come in as often, it is still something that all parents and pet owners should be aware of. Even running in the store for a few seconds, leaving the windows down or even the car running can quickly turn into an extremely dangerous situation.  

 Even double-checking the car can help prevent these things from happening. “I mean, you should always check to make sure. The number one priority is the priority of life.” If they see a child or the car unattended, call them one. And a report will set off to dispatch officers out there to check the well-being of it