SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Two people in need from Springfield are driving home Thursday night with a reliable set of wheels. The cars, that were given away, used to be damaged.

They were repaired by Crash Champions Collision Repair Team before being gifted.

“We’re involved with what’s called Recycle Rides,” said Greg Thomas, Crash Champions Business Development Manager. “We take vehicles, and we repair them back to new. They weren’t drivable, let’s put it that way.”

Thomas said they work with local nonprofits to make it all happen.”It’s fun to meet these families and learn and hear their stories,” Thomas said. “You get involved and really want to help them.”

One of the car recipients is Kevin Cross. Before getting a new ride, Cross was driving an unreliable car. “It went through four alternators, three batteries, the exhaust system is not on it currently,” said Cross. “It’s just falling apart.”

Cross said his family needs a car to take them to the doctor. He hopes a reliable car can help him go back to school or keep a steady job.