FAIR GROVE, Mo. — Several craft booths were set up on Saturday for the 44th Annual Heritage Reunion.

The event was put on the Fair Grove Historical and Preservation Society each year during the last full week of September.

The main requirement for craft booths is that their products must be original and handmade.

The president of the society was pleased with this year’s crowd.

“I can remember back in 82 when we started,” said Bart Bates. “It was very small and it has grown immensely. And great support from the community, great support. All the neighbors are out here. Everybody has a booth doing something and enjoying the weather and enjoying the people.”

“There’s a lot of people that volunteer and it’s good that, ya know, that we have a nice big turnout,” said David Meyers, president of Fairgrove Preservation and Historical Society. “It makes it all worth it.”

The money raised during the event will go towards the society, local schools, and participating businesses.