SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Staff members at CoxHealth facilities now have fewer masking requirements at work if they are fully vaccinated.

The new guidelines began Wednesday, April 20, 2022. Fully vaccinated staff members do not have to wear masks when they are only around their coworkers in private settings. They can also take off their masks when they are away from patient care areas and there are no visitors or patients around.

These new guidelines apply in places such as breakrooms, private offices, and meeting rooms.

A post on the CoxHealth website stated workers will continue to wear masks around patients and visitors.

CoxHealth said since there is a high vaccination rate among its employees, there is a much lower risk of those workers becoming sick with COVID-19.

Outside of health care settings, there are other changes at CoxHealth facilities:

  • Staff members working in non-healthcare settings such as the fitness centers, schools, or other places patient care is not provided will no longer have to mask if they are fully vaccinated
  • Cox College students who are fully vaccinated do not have to wear masks in the classroom
  • Fully vaccinated workers do not have to mask when they are in private spaces such as a vehicle with other CoxHealth workers

Masks are still required in shared spaces where patients or visitors might be such as hallways, nursing stations, cafeterias, and elevators.

CoxHealth employees who are not fully vaccinated are still required to mask when they are around coworkers, visitors, or patients.