SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Cox South is honoring veterans and active duty service members with a tribute wall in the north entrance lobby.

Hospital staff says the new tribute wall will show respect to all veterans, but especially to combat medics associated with the CoxHealth organization.

The tribute features each branch of the U.S. military and also honors the hospital’s first class of special operation combat medics as well as two CoxHealth physicians.

Once the idea for the wall was established, it took about three to four months until it was put together.

Chief operating officer, Ron Pringer, says Cox is proud to honor its veterans and active duty employees.

“We have a strong commitment to the military and with the programs that I shared, you know, we see more and more,” Pringer said, “we wanted to have some kind of visual tribute to especially our employees but all veterans and active duty service members. Medicine is complicated enough and then if you’re carrying on active duty in the military as well, that’s something special and just the mere fact that they served our country and which, for whatever reasons you want to consider, you know, freedom, our safety and stuff, I just think it’s the right thing.”

Pringer also says even though CoxHealth is a large organization, its employees still think of each other as family and with the new wall, they wanted to respect that.