Springfield, Mo. – The Springfield Greene County Health Department (SGCHD) said the most common side effect people could feel after getting the booster shot is a sore arm. But, others could experience body aches, fever, or fatigue.

“The side effects from the booster shots are very similar to the side effects from first and second doses,” SCGHD Chief Medical Officer Dr. Nany Yoon said.  “Some people may have very minimal or no side effects at all. Generally [side effects] only last a couple of days at most.”

The CDC expanded its recommendations for the booster shot Monday, saying adults over 18 and older should get a booster shot.

“At this point, looking at the data, it’s been shown that immunity is starting to wane for people if it’s been over six months after receiving the Pfizer and the Moderna vaccine,” Yoon said. “In addition, if it’s been at least two months after a single dose of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.”
People have the option to choose which booster they want, regardless of what vaccine they received initially.

“The recommendation is if you’ve got a certain brand for your first and second dose, if you did fine and didn’t have any major problems, then go ahead and stick with the same manufacturer either Pfizer or Moderna,” Yoon said. “If you did have some rare situations or some definite side effects that were felt to be from the vaccine. you could go ahead and try what we call it mixing and matching, trying the different types. But in general, if you did OK, it’s best and just simplest to stay with the same manufacturer. “

It takes two weeks for the booster shot to take full effect. Yoon said the booster protects people for at least a few months.

“As we gain more information, the virus continues to change and with possibly new mutations, there may need to be different versions of the vaccine that are needed,” Yoon said. “Once we have good science-based information, if there are new recommendations that we will be made, we will definitely inform everybody.”

First, second, and booster shots are available at the health department’s vaccine clinics.