SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– The deadline to submit tax returns is just four days away on Monday, April 18. Community Partnership of the Ozarks is helping people get their taxes in before that deadline comes around.

Community Partnership’s VITA program helped folks get their taxes filed here earlier today. Volunteer tax filers say it’s rewarding to help people overcome their anxiety with taxes.

“You’re just reading through the forums and you’re just trying to put the information where you think it’s supposed to go,” taxpayer Michael Scriven said. “And sometimes things don’t add up.”

Filing your taxes can be a little daunting. The pressure can get even worse when the deadline to file approaches.

Scriven noticed he still had some unanswered questions when he first tried to file. That’s when he decided he needed some help.

Al Hunter is a volunteer tax filer with Community Partnership of the Ozarks’ income tax assistance program. He said his role is to help people complete their tax returns as effortlessly as possible.

“This is my eighth year, and I’ll do it until I can’t anymore,” Hunter said.

For Hunter, it’s all worth it because of the people he gets to help.

The volunteer tax filers help low- to moderate-income families, along with the elderly file their taxes for free.

“Our income limit is 58,000 so we can help those that need it, get their assistance,” VITA coordinator Sarah Pace said. “March is probably around the busiest time. February is kind of slower. But March, when people really start to realize that it’s time to get their taxes filed, we’ll call the phone number, they’ll make an appointment, we’ll set them up and then we’ll even send a reminder before their appointment.”

Low-income families saw bigger checks this year from an increase in the earned income credit. Others will also receive the second half of their child tax credit after filing.

“Last year in July, the child tax credit began where families received $250 a month in general for each child for six months,” Hunter said. “Then they received the other six months when they filed their tax return. For some people with several children, that’s thousands of dollars in refunds upon filing their tax return.”

Hunter said many with low income don’t actually need to file, and may never need to file their taxes. But if you haven’t filed for taxes in the last several years, you might have leftover stimulus money waiting for you.

“If you hadn’t filed for several years, you weren’t going to receive any money because you had to be in the tax system to get a check,” Hunter said. “We got a lot of people stimulus money last year that had never had any before and suddenly received some money.”

“I’d say the vast majority of people have a smile on their face because they’re receiving a refund when they leave.”

Community Partnership reminded that anybody can file their taxes past Monday if they don’t owe anything.