Below are updates from the press conference:

Gary Gibson, GM of City Utilities, says the company was ordered to implement rolling blackouts.

Gibson then said that the issue to order the blackouts has been lifted. Gibson did say that another could come to Springfield if needed.

He said during the press conference that how they decided what to cut power to during a rolling blackout is to first eliminate substation areas that have critical loads, like hospitals or vital community support services. Then, CU looks at the other substation areas and decide to shut one off depending on the population of that area.

Gibson said CU only had to do an hour of blackouts in Springfield, that concentrated on the south side of town.


SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- City Utilities of Springfield has been advised to reduce its electric load within the Southwest Power Pool.

According to a press release, the Southwest Power Pool is a group of power-generating utilities across 14 states.

Joel Alexander with CU says the rolling blackout process has already started in Springfield. Alexander says the blackouts will last from 30 to 60 minutes in duration and will be executed in different areas of the city.