SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Monica Horton will represent Springfield’s Zone One on City Council, replacing Angela Romine.

Horton received seven votes Tuesday. Stephen Sexton received one vote.

Horton will assume her new duties at the Council meeting on Monday, April 18, 2022.

“I would like to see Zone One become an attractive place for growth and development,” said Horton. “Not just because of how underdeveloped and blighted the land in the buildings are or how high the poverty rate is or the crime rate is, but because Zone One is an inherent promise to the city.”

The Zone 1 council seat became vacant after Angela Romine decided to file her candidacy for the District 30 State Senate seat in the Missouri General Assembly.

“I believe that the mission is clear but I just think that what’s going to be difficult is the how,” said Horton. “How do you go about unifying a city unit, unifying as a governing body and enacting common-sense policy making as well. As policymaking, that decision making that is inclusive as well as common-sense governance.”

Monica Horton, Springfield’s new Zone One City Council Representative | Courtesy: City of Springfield

Four people applied to fill the Zone One council seat. That number dropped from five after Amy Blansit took her name out of the running so she could file to run to represent the 133rd district in Missouri’s State House in Jefferson City.

Horton has lived in Zone One for seven years and owned her own consulting business for over a decade.

Over time in her Zone One spot, Horton hopes to work to erase the divide between the North and South communities. She also told the council she wants to use common sense policy-making to address a lack of quality housing in northwest Springfield.

“And in my view: renters, landowners and slumlords bear responsibility for what has happened over time with no accountability or regulation,” said Horton. “I do believe that landlords need to do right by their renters. I’m a rental property owner, and whenever our tenants one of whom receives a housing subsidy, whenever they call, we fix things and it’s just the right thing to do.”

Horton will serve on the Springfield City Council for two years to finish out the four-year term.