SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – A Springfield church needs the community’s support to continue meeting the homeless population where they are.

A box truck that serves people on the streets is out of service at The Connecting Grounds Church.

Outreach Director Jacob Leach said instead of having the homeless carry supplies with them long distances, they bring the supplies directly to them.

The truck, he said, is crucial during the winter in delivering gloves and jackets.

“We drive around and hand out at locations where we know there’s a lot of people in need out on the street,” Leach said. “We also use it for picking up donations, we use it for delivering furniture to people whenever they get housed. We use it pretty much every single day.”

Leach said the colder temperatures have them driving the truck more often and covering more parts of town.

“The need is a lot more urgent,” Leach said. “It’s more of a life and death situation, especially if it’s below freezing.”

Recently, he said, the truck went out of service and needs a transmission repair.

Leach said it will cost between $5-6,000.

Pastor Christie Love said they are asking the community to help in any way they can.

“Another reason that it’s so important to get that truck up and running is we actually are out much more frequently than when cold weather shelters are open, so we’re getting supplies out to people on nights that they can’t access shelter,” Love said.

Click here to donate to the vehicle repair fund.

Love said getting the truck up and running is huge, but they also need supplies to stock the truck. She said they are currently looking for food donations.

Leach said people can come to The Connecting Grounds Outreach Center on Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday to drop off supplies. They are there Tuesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. He said on Saturday they are there from 9 a.m. to noon.