BOLIVAR, Mo. — July 4, 2022 brought a heat advisory to Southwest Missouri, with the forecast of the hottest high temperatures since 2014. Despite the high temperatures, hundreds showed up to the Southwest Baptist University campus for the 42nd Celebration of Freedom.

Bands played early Monday evening and the mayor of Bolivar honored several veterans. Fireworks started just before 9:30 p.m.

Bolivar’s Fire Chief Brent Watkins said this is the hottest Fourth of July he can remember, and almost everyone spent time in the shade trying to stay cool as the evening began.

“That’s where the fun is and that’s where the kids, all the children and the grandchildren like to come play with their buddies and eat the same food and watch the same fireworks,” said attendee Cathy Cox. “It’s just tradition you know it’s fun.”

Bolivar recently changed the city’s fireworks ordinance so residents can set off fireworks until July 8.