LINN CREEK, Mo. — Camden County deputies said they found a man had a wooden club, a loaded gun, and brass knuckles the night he allegedly caused a disturbance at a restaurant in Linn Creek Friday night.

A news release from the Camden County Sheriff’s Office said deputies were called to the business about a disturbance. The caller said a man was threatening people with a gun.

When deputies arrived, they said they found Randall Reid arguing with restaurant employees in the parking lot. Staff members told deputies they asked Reid to leave several times during the evening, but he kept coming back with weapons.

Deputies said they found a four-foot-long wooden club, a loaded revolver and a set of brass knuckles in Reid’s possession. Deputies took Reid to jail and he is being held without bond.

Reid was charged with First-Degree Assault and Unlawful Possession, Transport, Manufacture, Repair Or Sale Of Illegal Weapon.

No one was hurt in Friday night’s incident, according to the Sheriff’s Office.