BRANSON, Mo. – The Branson Board of Aldermen will hold a special meeting at 1 pm on April 22.

The meeting will immediately adjourn into a closed executive session.

A news release from the City of Branson says the meeting will cover issues regarding 610.021.2 RSMO for real estate and 610.021.3 RSMO for personnel.

That statute lists the reasons a public government body can go into a closed session. Those reasons include legal actions, real estate, and personnel matters.

City Administrator Stanley Dobbins was put on administrative leave on Wednesday, April 20, and his duties will be handled by Lisa Westfall, the city clerk, who has been named the acting city administrator. The Board said he will remain on leave until his retirement date on April 30th.

“As I recently shared, you would see staff changes at City Hall,” said Larry Milton, the mayor of Branson. “It remains your Board’s intent that you have a city government that serves you, the people of Branson.”