BRANSON, Mo.– KOLR10’s Madison Hever talked to a realtor from the Tri-Lakes area about the recent influx of new residents

“The Branson Tri-lakes area has just absolutely boomed again this year. It’s the third boom I’ve experienced in my 37 years of being a realtor here,” said La Nora Kay, Owner Weichert Realtors Good Life.

“What we’re finding is a lot of people who wanted to retire here, probably started looking a couple of years ago, they’ve changed their whole life plan. They said now is the best time to come down and buy,” said Kay.

She says the number of days on market has gone down significantly. “If I go back to 2018, our average days on the market was almost 200 days on the market. In 2019, it was about 125. Now what we’re finding is the average days on the market is less than 30 days on the market.”

Kay says people want to spend their time safely now during the time of COVID-19. “People are looking for a safe place to come, they’re also looking for a lot of outdoor activities. We have affordable housing here. We have choice of lifestyle.”