BRANSON, Mo. — A 11-year-old victim of a roller coaster accident in Branson is back in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, after being transported by plane from Mercy Hospital in Springfield.

The child, Aalondo Perry, was severely injured after riding on the Branson Coaster on Sunday, June 20.

According to Aalondo’s grandmother, Shelandra Ford, he is still in a lot of pain and has undergone several blood transfusions. She shared photos with Ozarks First, which can be viewed below:

Doctors had to wait a while for the swelling to go down so he could be moved. The family is waiting for a second opinion to see if Aalondo’s legs must be amputated.

This was Aalondo’s first vacation, he and his family were celebrating his brother’s birthday.

The owners of Branson Coaster have not commented on the incident.