BRANSON, Mo. – A group of Springfield-based investors is hoping to restore the Sho-Me Baseball Camp on the shores of Table Rock Lake.

The investors are led by Ballparks of America investor Paul Satterwhite who says, “We see this as an opportunity to not only preserve the history of the Sho-Me Baseball facility but also to pursue our vision of providing high-school-aged players and families the opportunity to play competitive baseball and showcase their talents while enjoying a stay at one of the most beautiful lakes in the country.”

The facility will be rebranded and revitalized in early 2022 and a limited tournament will be announced within the next few weeks.

Sho-Me Baseball will announce a full 2023 schedule later in the year.

“Our goal is to showcase the natural beauty of Table Rock Lake while allowing teams and individuals to come together in a historic place where they can experience both their love of the greatest game in the world and time with friends and family in a special environment,” says Satterwhite.