SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – A new clinic and pharmacy is going up in Springfield…Dedicated solely to bass pro employees and their families.

The ‘family health center’ will be located in the old greyhound bus station across from the company’s headquarters.

Staff says Johnny Morris got the idea when he saw something similar at the large Toyota plant in Texas.

The building will house a few exam rooms, a lab, and a drive-thru pharmacy.

Jeff Wilhoit, Bass Pro’s spokesperson said, “We had a great opportunity right across the street from our base camp, which is our corporate headquarters. There was a building that used to be the former greyhound bus terminal. And it was just the perfect size of building to be able to redo that building and make it into a clinic.”

Bass Bro says the clinic will offer primary, preventative care and treatment.

The services will be available for all of bass pro’s six-thousand employees across corporate, retail, hospitality, and manufacturing, including staff at places like Big Cedar and Tracker Marine Group.

Jeff Wilhoit with Bass Pro says with it being across from the base camp headquarters, he hopes the clinic will attract more staff.

“Bass pro’s more than just the retail store in Springfield. It’s a huge corporation with lots of different divisions and manufacturing and hospitality so it’s going to be a great benefit for our outfitters and our staff to be able to have quality health care right here in Springfield. That’s going to be easily accessible and affordable,” says Wilhoit.

The center will be staffed through a partnership with premise health – which offers similar services for companies like Disney and Capital One.

Bass Pro says it hopes to open the health center this fall.