Drug addiction counselors say they’re busier than ever. For the growing number of people seeking treatment, there are even more not getting help.

The CDC announced this week, in the past 12 months, 100,000 Americans have died of drug overdoses.
Experts say the stress of the pandemic, coupled with the rising popularity of the extremely deadly drug Fentanyl, are driving the numbers. Its a nearly 30% increase from the prior year.

Burrell Behavioral Health opened its walk-in crises center in 2020. It has also seen major growth in client cases.

Meanwhile, Cox Health’s center for addictions has grown from 550 to 750 clients since the pandemic started.
Counselors and doctors they can do their part. But, it’ll take the entire community to help the situation.

Dr. Drew Drew Shoemaker of Burrell Behavioral Health, explained, “Don’t look the other way. When you see someone that is struggling with addiction- and i think we have all seen that in our society- try to be as understanding as possible.”

Tresa Moyle, Director CoxHealth center for addictions,” stated, ” The folks that are coming into our program are just like everyone else. It is your neighbor, it is your sister, it is your grandmother. She added, “It just happens that their pain is a little bit different and their coping skills have been a little bit different and they need support in a different way. “