BRANSON, Mo. — Tiny homes are in progress for those in need in Branson, thanks to a local organization.

Elevate Branson says it hopes to break ground for its project by late fall.

The goal of the homes is to get people out of subpar housing and move them into their very own home with four walls and a kitchen.

Elevate Branson’s executive director Bryan Stallings says the first phase of the project will include 24 houses, eight of which already have sponsors.

“We’ll have some commercial buildings and some employment opportunities for people that live in the village,” said Stallings. “Those will be like an art studio where there will be some paint on pottery done, where they can create things in the woodworking shop and actually sell those items for a dignified income.”

Stallings says these tiny homes are just a drop in the bucket when it comes to the need for affordable housing in Branson.