SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A man and woman claimed they were held hostage at a Springfield hotel after a night of drinking. Prosecutors charged the man accused of holding them at gunpoint Saturday. That man, Sammie Wright, told police he believed the man and woman stole his property.

Wright is charged with two counts of Second-Degree Kidnapping and one count of Unlawful Use of a Weapon. Springfield Police officers arrested Wright at the Battlefield Inn.

According to a probable cause statement, Wright met the man and woman at Dennis’s Place, a bar in Springfield.

The man told police the three got a hotel room together for the night, but the man and woman got upset with Wright and tried to leave. The man said that’s when Wright pulled out a pistol and told them they could not leave while accusing them of stealing his money. According to the probable cause statement, the man said Wright threatened to shoot them and made them get in the bathroom. The man ran outside to officers after Wright went to the man’s truck to look for his things.

The woman’s story to the police differed a bit, according to the probable cause statement. She told police Wright and the man picked her up at her house, and they headed to the Battlefield Inn. She said Wright “snapped” after being in the hotel for 15-20 minutes. She told police Wright was talking about his phone, wallet, and money. The woman claimed Wright pointed the gun at her and the man’s heads. She said she was held for at least two hours against her will before the man ran out of the room and officers arrived.

Wright told police the man and woman asked him to get drugs for them. Wright told police he fell asleep, woke up, and noticed his wallet and keys were gone. Wright said he confronted the man and woman about his property, but did not mention a gun. Wright said he checked the man’s truck for his belongings and did not find them. He said he went inside and fell asleep.

The probable cause statement said the man called 911 and left the line open for dispatchers to hear a man demand money. Dispatch operators also said they heard a woman ask if she could leave and a man answered, “no.”

Officers say they found Wright passed out inside the hotel room and arrested him.