SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- CoxHealth CEO Steve Edwards announced on Twitter Tuesday that 64 employees did not comply with Cox’s vaccine requirement and have now been discharged.

Edwards said those 64 make up only 0.51% of the 12,500 employees in the system.

“Hospitals have required employee vaccination for decades. A patient should expect not to be exposed to a deadly disease while in the hospital,” Edwards stated.

CoxHealth employees had a deadline to get vaccinated by October 15. Edwards reported that day that 98.63% of employees were vaccinated.

“We hired 457 people in the month of September,” Edwards told OzarksFirst in October. “It’s a record month, even after announcing this, so we’re hiring about 100 people a week. So that keeps us going. But here’s a good reference point. In July, we had 537 employees on extended leave chiefly due to COVID. October, we have 21. There’s about a 500-employee difference right now just because of the lower COVID rates and the higher vaccination rates.”