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Local Group Pushes New Design for Springfield City Flag

SPRINGFIELD,Mo. — A group of Springfield residents are hoping a new city flag design will bring a new sense of pride to Springfield and celebrate its history.

A new group called the Springfield Identity Project formed by a group of business owners is hoping a new flag will connect better with residents.

The current Springfield city flag is red, white and blue. It features a star in each corner and reads Springfield Missouri.  The city did not commission the new design.

“I want people to know that Springfield is a unique place, it’s a singular city and that the people who live here are proud to live here and we feel like it’s a place of unique identity and strong culture and a history we’re proud of,” explains John McQueary, one of the creators of the new flag design.

But organizers of the new flag say it’s unoriginal and does not fit the uniqueness of the city.

Sean Brownfield is another creator of the flag.  “When you look at our current flag it doesn’t really represent who we are, there’s not a really big story behind it. And I think a flag is kind of the start of  a identity of a location,” Brownfield says,.

McQueary hopes this new banner and symbol will connect with people.

“The majority of people who live here love it and are proud that they live here or proud that their from here. And they’ve been rallying  behind this because they have a way to express that essentially,” explains McQueary.

He adds that the light blue background represents Ozarks water and skies. While the broad white horizontal stripe is meant to symbolize the Ozark plateau,  where Springfield was built.

“The design is clean and it’s authentic.  We feel it speaks to our identity here.”

Some Springfield locals like Erin O’Sullivan are in support of the new design.

“This is just like a new refreshing thing that’s being introduced to our community and I think that it’s not only creative, but important as a symbol,” says O’Sullivan.

While other residents like Herb Wendt want something different.  “I like to see a new flag, but I don’t care that much for this new one.”

“It’s not going to connect with everybody,” says McQueary.

But for now, McQueary is focused on getting the word out and seeing  how it takes off.

“We just want to make sure everybody has the chance to see that and have time to see how it sits with them and see how it connects with them.”

McQueary says there has been no effort made to have the new design adopted by the city.

Local retailers including Staxx, Town and County, and Five Pound Apparel  are selling apparel with the new design.

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