ROGERS, Ark. — A level four sex offender is being allowed to register as homeless in Rogers, Arkansas.

Benton County Deputies said they have never dealt with this type of legal loophole in the past.

Level four sex offender, Sean Blackerby, moved to Rogers recently. But instead of registering with a permanent address, he registered as homeless, living in his van.

Legally, sex offenders can list a motor home, motor vehicle, or even a boat as a place of residence.

Sergeant Hunter Petray with the Benton County Sheriff’s Office said the sheriff’s office is obviously not comfortable with a homeless sex offender.

He said the law allowed them to put an ankle monitor on Blackerby, but it wasn’t required. The law requires sex offenders like Blackerby to check in just once a month with law enforcement, but without a monitor, there would be no way to locate him.

The sheriff’s office is paying roughly $300 a month to keep tabs on him.

“It’s a little scary, you know, I can understand the worries that parents have especially around Halloween at this point in time. So we’re doing everything that we can by law to keep track of this individual,” Petray said.

As for any efforts to change the legal loophole, lawmakers told KNWA reporters they aren’t aware of any legislation in the works.

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(Erika Hall, KNWA)