EAGLE ROCK, Mo. – A woman who lost her three beloved Labradors said she’s getting them justice today.

Despite the constant mix of rain and shine, over 50 people attended “Justice for Gus,” a protest in Eagle Rock fighting for Dani Johnson and her 3 Labradors: Gus, Tug, and Kaycee.

A couple of weeks ago, Johnson found her three dogs shot to death near her home.

Saturday, she organized a protest for them.

The goal is a felony charge on the shooter.

“They murdered the sweetest dogs,” said Johnson, “I think they knew they were sweet and then they took their collars.”

Emotions were high among protestors who stood outside the alleged shooter’s home in Eagle Rock, demanding justice for Johnson’s 3 dogs who were shot on that property.

“Me and my wife came from Tulsa Oklahoma for justice for Gus,” said a protestor.

“They start off killing animals. Who’s next? Kids?” said another protestor.

And another protestor said, “we will not condone the killing, the murder, and the dismemberment of any animals.”

They said they will continue coming here every Saturday until they get justice. 

Barry County Police Department Officers initially said there’s nothing they can do, due to the dogs being on another person’s property.

But Johnson started a petition demanding the Barry County Police Department to take action. 

She hoped for 1,500 signatures. As of Saturday, she has more than 140,000.

The signatures include people from all over the world. 

Following the petition, an investigator started looking into this case, but not up to the protestors’ satisfaction.

“He should have come and searched their property and served a warrant to search the property immediately and he did not do that,” said Nicole Sparkle, the organizer of the protest, “it was brushed off. He was told that there was nothing to be done. And that people’s lives are more important than dogs.” 

Sparkle said as of right now, the prosecuting attorney has been out of the office. 

“And basically the case is just sitting on her desk. And we were told that we would hear something Monday, and today is Saturday,” said Sparkle.

Johnson said investigators will continue looking into this case. 

KOLR10 tried contacting the Barry County Sheriff’s Office and the alleged shooter.

We did not get a response yet but will be following the case.