SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Speeding as drivers cut through Springfield’s Parkcrest neighborhood is a concern, and the city has a plan to urge drivers to slow down in the area near Walnut Lawn Street and Campbell Avenue.

Beginning on April 25, crews will begin installing temporary medians, curbs and chicanes at strategic areas of Broadway Avenue between Republic Road and Walnut Lawn Street. Crews will also install those traffic calming elements at two intersections on Westview Street.

(Map courtesy of City of Springfield)

People who live in the Parkcrest neighborhood have been dealing with reported speeding and drivers cutting through the area for many years, according to the city. Drivers use these roads to avoid busy South Campbell Avenue. City officials expect this to increase as the project to widen Republic Road begins in summer 2022.

Traffic Engineers say drivers have been hitting speeds of 49 to 76 miles per hour regularly in the Parkcrest neighborhood.

The city will talk to people who live in the Parkcrest neighborhood about the changes. Officials will also discuss the plans with emergency responders.

The City of Springfield said the semi-permanent elements will allow engineers to test their placement and make adjustments. The pilot study will run for six months.