How law enforcement apprehended an armed Tyler Terry


CHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (KTVI) – Tyler Terry could have been anywhere and he had a loaded a gun he’d just stolen. He was in Missouri when he allegedly killed two people on May 15. He was last seen in South Carolina following a police pursuit and brief shootout. On May 23, police there said they had him surrounded.

Monday brought relief as you could see Terry in the back of a pickup truck after his arrest. You could see him talking to four tactical officers who had just captured him.

“He spoke very well. You know, obviously, he was tired and thirsty and I spoke to him and asked if he was okay and he was all cut up, he has bug bites, his clothes are torn. He’s exhausted,” Chester County Sheriff Max Dorsey said.

Dorsey described the amazing effort by hundreds of officers who camped out in the area of Terry’s capture. Officers who hadn’t seen their families in days.

“Think about these cops who put in so much for people they don’t even know,” he said.

The officers knew Terry was armed because he’d been seen on surveillance taking a loaded gun from a vehicle days earlier. They also knew he was capable of surviving in the streets or in the open.

“He was homeless at some periods of his life. At certain periods, he would live in the woods,” up to a month at a time, Sheriff Dorsey said.

Terry allegedly began his murderous rampage, along with his girlfriend Adrienne Simpson, on May 2 in York, South Carolina.

Thomas Hardin, a trans woman, and reported to be once romantically involved with Terry, was murdered.

On May 15, Terry and Simpson drove to St. Louis County, where Barbara Goodkin and Dr. Sergei Zacharev were killed.

On May 20, authorities in South Carolina found the body of Simpson’s husband, Eugene, also believed to be murdered by Tyler Terry.

By Saturday, May 23, Chester County sheriff’s deputies believed they had Terry surrounded in the woods.

Tweets throughout the day warned nearby residents to “secure firearms, lock your doors” and “report suspicious activity around any trash can or barn.”

Sheriff Dorsey added, “We had confidence that he was in our bubble and he was. He was in our bubble the whole time.”

The sheriff said Terry had no shoes and was hiding in tall weeds, wearing all black. No one was reported hurt during his capture.

“The officers just received a shot of adrenaline in their arm,” Dorsey said.

St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Wesley Bell announced two more surprises while reading 14 criminal charges, including two murder charges, against Terry and Simpson.

Bell said Barbara Goodkin’s husband, who was also shot May 15, was saved by his cellphone in his chest pocket.

Bell also confirmed what FOX 2 first reported Friday about a reported random shooting at a driver on an interstate. Bell said Terry fired 10 shots at a person driving on I-170 on May 15, striking the victim’s car three times, but not injuring the driver.

Bell said the South Carolina charges are serious enough that Terry and Simpson won’t be extradited for Missouri’s charges anytime soon, if ever.

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