SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – CoxHealth has unveiled new state-of-the-art care for young patients with its Children’s Ambulance.

According to their press release, the previous 40-year-old Children’s transport ambulance will be replaced with this newer model equipped with the latest technology to serve even the youngest of patients.

“The Children’s transport has played an important role since the 1980s and impacted countless families across the region,” said Beth Polivka, Chief Nursing Officer at CoxHealth. “The new technology and services in the Children’s Ambulance will build upon that legacy and provide high-quality care for children across our communities.”

“These team members specialize in caring for children, and we’re excited that this new ambulance will better equip them to serve this population,” said Darren Bass, VP of clinical services. He said that the crew inside the Children’s Ambulance will include members from EMS, a registered nurse, a respiratory therapist and periodically a nurse practitioner. 

The ambulance was funded through donations from the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

The new Children’s Ambulance begins service on September 26.

To see the inside of the new ambulance, check out the video above.

Mercy has had a children’s ambulance since 2016. Mercy has recently upgraded its children-specific ambulance with a new battery system that allows it to run without the engine. The Mercy ambulance will also soon be outfitted with a new loading system and upgraded cot.