How a nearly brain dead ‘miracle man’ survived after being taken off life support


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(FOX) — On Dec. 12, 2018, T. Scott Marr was found lying unresponsive at his Nebraska home.

Marr was rushed to nearby Methodist Hospital, where doctors said he had likely suffered a stroke, reported World-Herald.

However, Marr’s condition quickly worsened with severe swelling on his brain. He had to be placed on life support, the news outlet stated.

The next day, doctors looked over the former basketball announcer’s condition, but it didn’t look good. Doctors didn’t expect him to survive.

That’s when Marr’s four children had to make a difficult decision.

After meeting in his hospital room to say goodbye, the family decided to take the 61-year-old off life support, according to the World-Herald.

The family planned to prepare for a funeral the next day.

However, something miraculous happened. Rather than fading away as expected, Marr began responding. Slowly, he was able to smile and move his hands and toes, said the report.

According to Inside Edition, his daughter Preston had to rub her eyes to make sure it was real.

Preston Taylor Marr/Facebook

Later, imaging revealed that Marr actually had posterior reverse encephalopathy syndrome (PRES).

According to a report published in the American Journal of Neuroradiology, the condition often shows symptoms such as a severe headache, changes in vision or nausea.

PRES symptoms can vary widely among patients, but experts have observed that many have high blood pressure in conjunction with the condition.

However, MRI scans show marked similarities in PRES patients, making the condition easier to diagnose with imaging.

Doctors stated that severe swelling wasn’t one of the common symptoms, reports Inside Edition. That likely led to the doctors’ initial misdiagnosis.

Thankfully, PRES includes a good prognosis and ability to manage, as was the outcome in this case.

Following Marr’s miraculous survival, he was able to go through speech and physical therapy and was then released from the hospital, reported World-Herald.

Marr’s family now calls him the “miracle man.”

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