Here’s why Collins Fire Chief is keeping a positive attitude about the town’s severe weather damage


COLLINS, Mo. — Other areas of the ozarks are still dealing with the impact from severe storms last night, including in Collins, Missouri.

Two people are hurt after the storms blew over the building they were in, but they are expected to survive their injuries.

Several homes near the fire station were also damaged and trees and powerlines are covering roadways as crews work to clean up.

An 18-wheeler also ran off the wet roads overnight.

“All in all we was very fortunate here.” said Jake Smith, Fire Chief at Collins Fire Protection District. “There weren’t any serious injuries, particularly life threatening per se. I guess you could say in a way that we dodged a bullet.”

The Collins storm shelter was unlocked last night for the safety of residents.

Smith says events like this are a reminder that advanced warnings are important.

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