During an increase in COVID-19 due to the Omicron variant, local hospital systems are now asking workers to consider signing up to help with tasks outside of their usual job descriptions.

Health care systems said they are dealing with increased staffing shortages due to some caregivers being out sick.

Mercy officials said they’re asking coworkers in non-patient care jobs to sign up and help with tasks outside their usual job descriptions, such as stocking and refreshing supplies, transporting patients and assisting patients with daily care activities.

Workers at Mercy are voluntarily stepping up to fill in.

It’s the case for Maeghan Kidd, who manages Mercy Clinic OB/GYN – Seminole Fremont.

Kidd said what her administrative teammates may not know is she’s also a licensed practical nurse, so when the opportunity to help in the hospital opened, she jumped right in.

“I have a lot of friends that work here in the hospital,” Kidd said. We’re friends outside of work, my girlfriends work here. I hear their struggles every day and how hard it is with staffing and our surge, and I wanted to help any way I could.”

She said she got done working a normal full day and then decided to come and help in the hospital where she was needed.

Melissa Young, Mercy Clinical Supervisor, said the help comes at the right time.

“Unfortunately, we had an unexpected code,” Young said. “She jumped right in and she did the recording, which means that she wrote down the time that we did everything and let us know when our next pulse check was. Being short staffed it allowed the other nurses to take care of their patients, so it was a great help.”

At CoxHealth, officials shared the story of two men who normally work construction projects in the hospital. They said now, they are helping by answering call lights and emptying trash cans.

For Kidd, she said she feels like a multi-faceted tool.

“They need hands,” Kidd said. “They need help. They need assistance and they really, just right now during the surge, they need help, so that’s what I’m trying to give.”

Mercy officials said all non-clinical co-workers who assist will receive the necessary training and compensation for their work.