MedDay – May 26, 2020

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NEW YORK (CBS News)– Having two faulty genes linked to dementia doubles the risk of developing a serious case of coronavirus, according to a new large scale study from the UK. One out of every 36 people of European ancestry has two faulty copies of the gene known as APOE which also increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease.

A Polish study finds a patient who undergoes a single, high-quality colonoscopy and tests negative for colon cancer, has an 84 percent reduced risk of developing colon cancer over the next 17 years. Researchers say the findings suggest the current interval between colonoscopy screenings could be safely extended beyond 10 years.

And three case studies published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal describe how Lyme disease symptoms can show up in the form of a heart blockage, severe neurological symptoms or an unusual rash, not necessarily one that looks like a bullseye. Researchers say if a patient presents with a heart blockage and lives in an area with a high tick count, doctors should begin antibiotic treatment, even before the Lyme test comes back.

Those are some of today’s top health stories.

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