NEW YORK (CBS News)– Lower exposure to ultraviolet b light from the sun may be associated with an increased risk of colorectal cancer. Researchers at the University of California San Diego say the link was significant, particularly in older age groups. They suggest lower UVB exposure may reduce levels of vitamin D, which has been previously been associated with an increased risk of colorectal cancer. 

Researchers in Canada have come up with an online evaluation to help predict end-of-life needs for older adults. The team found that declines in a person’s ability to carry out daily activities were stronger predictors of 6-month mortality than the diseases a person has. They hope their tool can help families plan. 

And there may be a new target for difficult to treat breast cancer. Researchers in California who transplanted triple-negative breast tumors into mice were able to significantly shrink the tumors by genetically removing a particular protein. Those are some of the day’s top health stories.