MedDay- December 24, 2019

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NEW YORK, (CBS NEWS).– About 20 percent of patients who undergo non-cardiac related surgery experience serious complications each year. Now, a common blood test may help accurately predict which of those patients will experience problems. Researchers in Montreal found patients who had concentrated levels of certain heart proteins before surgery were at an increased risk of death or complications 30 days after surgery.

A new study of early-stage breast cancer patients finds patients who are also obese are at three-times the risk of developing chemotherapy-induced heart disease. Researchers in France say the results suggest these patients may benefit from careful follow-up during and after drug treatment.

And, a new study may shed light on why women are more at risk than men for greater cognitive decline during Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers found a high fat diet limited the creation and growth of new nerve cells in adult female mice but not in male mice.

Those are some of the day’s top health stories.

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