HERMITAGE, Mo. — This one-year-old cat really does have nine lives.

Handsome survived a house fire and his former owners believed he was dead. until one day later they found him hungry, burned, but luckily alive.

Toni Childers, with Four Legs and Fur Animal Society, says the family couldn’t take care of him after losing their house. His former owners knew putting him in a shelter was the best chance he had to survive.

When Handsome arrived at the shelter on February 11, 2022, he was severely burned on his face and feet. He was in a lot of pain and very dehydrated.

By February 23, 2022, Handsome was eating well and was starting to use the litter box. He was receiving medical treatment at Fair Grove Vet Clinic and his veterinarian stated he may not grow his hair back around his face and lost the tips of his ears.

By March 10, 2022, Handsome was well enough to meet some of the other cats at the shelter. Here Handsome meeting with Sonny went exceptionally well. According to the shelter, Handsome gave Sonny space and Sonny welcomed Handsome into his space.

As of Friday, March 25, Handsome has been vaccinated and neutered. Childers says Handsome is a sweet and loving boy who is ready for his forever home.

Four Legs and Fur Animal Society became a non-profit in July 2015. The organization helps the local community with emergency vet assistance on a case-by-case basis.

The organization is always in need of fosters. So, if anyone would like to foster an animal or would like to adopt Handsome (or any of the many animals at the shelter) you can call Childers at 417-599-9377.