SPRINGFIELD, Mo.—Whether for it or against it, it seems almost everyone we spoke to today had an opinion on the proposed change to the way Missourians can carry a weapon. Among those we heard from: Zach Terhark, owner of Eagle Armory.

“Sounds like they’re about to vote to overturn the veto from the governor to allow the constitutional carry,” said Terhark.

He says more than him, it’s his customers who seem to be ready for change.

“The majority of my customers are for it. Still have some mixed opinions about it,” he said.

He says while allowing those capable of owning a gun to conceal carry without a permit would eliminate the wait people experience when applying, Terhark says there’s also something to be said for the lessons instilled by the permit’s training.

“A lot of them have held off on getting a concealed carry permit because of the wait time and the inconvenience of the background check system,” says Terhark. “Knowing when and when not to use lethal force, the background system of it, and being able to safely use a fire arm. Those are all benefits of the current system.”

And while many still seem a little more concrete in their opinion.

“I just don’t want any one random person that can buy a gun to carry around a weapon,” we heard from one Springfield resident.

Like Terhark, the state senate will still be considering this issue for at least another week before deciding whether they’ll overturn the governor’s veto.