SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – The 2022 budget was officially adopted by the Greene County Commissioners earlier today at the historic Greene County Courthouse. Presiding Commissioner Bob Dixon stated, “We don’t always have the funds to do everything we want to do and it’s a conservative budget given all of that, but we were able to do some things this year that we were not able to do in previous years.”

The balanced budget has $78 million in general revenue and $251 million in total revenue. Some of the main highlights from this year, according to Dixon were better benefits for employees and some big projects.

Some of the benefits for employees were a minimum pay increase by 19%, starting this year new hires would have 4.5% higher wages than standard years, and a new tuition reimbursement plan with $15,000 in available funds.

A major milestone for this year will be the completion of the new Sheriff’s Office/Jail project. Completion of this new facility will save money that will go into jail operations. Also, any savings from not having to operate a temporary jail will go into new jail operations as well.

When it came to projects in the area, Dixon referenced the new Greene County Jail, saying, “we’re told by our architect that when we set the contract we could not have been more perfect in our timing. Other projects around the country are coming in way over cost, there are cost overruns, but we are completing it on time and on budget.” Some other projects include the Kansas Expressway extension at Republic and Plainview, bridge replacements, and roadway resurfacing. There was also money put toward mental health services, stormwater projects, and new equipment and maintenance for information systems.

“When I look at the budget I feel like the taxpayer has won because it’s balanced, we stayed within our means, we didn’t say yes to everything, and those who serve the public, I believe we did right by getting them a raise and taking care of them,” Dixon said.

In a news release, the Commission said the entire budget process is always a great undertaking, and just as they do every year, adding that the county put in a lot of hard work and effort to develop a balanced budget.